Tiny Squirrel Makes Sure To Visit Human Best Friend Every Single Day


Many friendships start with the act of sharing, particularly sharing food. Luz CarimeBersh couldn’t agree more.

It was five years ago that Bersch started leaving peanuts for squirrels who occasionally came to the courtyard of her apartment in Florida. Only a few weeks later, the smallest squirrel of the group was brave enough to walk right up to her window, peeking if anyone was home.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Bersh and the brave squirrel whom she named Grisnelda. Grisnelda started coming up to her window and visiting her every day.

“Grisnelda started coming every day and she often made her appearance looking through the glass door,” Bersh told The Dodo. “It was as if she were telling us: ‘Hello! I’m here!’ As soon as I saw her, I responded, ‘Grisnelda!’ and she ran to the door to wait for me.”

Over the next year, Bersh and Grisnelda didn’t miss a single day to spend some quality time with one another. Whether it is in the courtyard, or balcony, Grisnelda would visit every day. And one fine day, Grisnelda decided to be extra brave, and ventured inside Bersh’s home.

“She walked into the apartment and crawled onto my knee,” Bersh said. “Since then, she came inside often and made herself at home, exploring the kitchen and even walking to the dining room while we were eating. It was like she was inviting herself to join us for breakfast. And she did.”

But Grisnelda was not selfish and vain like other animals, interested only in the food. She genuinely loved spending time with Bersh and so they started having lunch together every day. Bersh would eat a sandwich while Grisnelda would snack on a fruit or some nuts.

“Then she went back to her home taking snacks to go,” Bersh said. “This certainly always happened when she had babies. She’s had at least 4 litters.”

After two beautiful years of friendship, Bersh got a devastating news that she would have to move to Georgia for work. She was heartbroken.

“I had become so emotionally attached to Grisnelda, I actually thought about taking her with me,” Bersh said. “However, I knew I couldn’t betray her trust and I had to respect that she belonged to the wilderness. I would never take away her freedom even if it broke my heart. I knew I would probably never see her again.”

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