Feeding koi from a bottle and kid goats in thailand


Not to mention the babies whose survival is being looked after by vet specialists. Zoo near Pattaya, is the largest in Thailand. As the name implies, it is open, that is, animals do not sit in cages, and walk freely on the fenced territory. While it is fenced so that you can easily reach them by hand and feed. Sometimes between humans and animals is the moat.

In the case of predators is an obstacle lattice, their Pat on the neck will not work. Some animals generally walk ” unattended “throughout the territory, they can come close and be photographed”nose to nose”. The zoo is located near the city of si Racha, 130 km from Bangkok and 45 km from Pattaya. Nearby is the Tiger zoo Sri Racha, but it is much more modest and animals there less. So if you’re thinking where to travel from Pattaya to choose Khao Kheow.