Darling Capuchin Monkey Has Strange Obsession. His New Addiction, French Fries!


Food is good, especially when you compare it to dog food or cat food. For us humans, we go out of our way with so many different influences and styles of cooking, from Italian to Japanese. European to French, we try our best to make the food we love the most taste the best it can.

We use many different techniques to cook food from overs, to lime, to fryers. It’s hard for anyone to hate French fries or potato chips. As far as junk food made from vegetables, those two are pretty much staples. When it comes to French fries many have different opinions about where to get the best French fries. Yet, sometimes things such as this don’t matter, sometimes it’s more important who is enjoying them.

The human body was built to last quite a long time. Though many seem to vary as far as length goes. We can eat heavily processed or heavily fried food and feel maybe a bit sluggish the next day, but overall, we feel just fine. When it comes to other species however, it can have quite an odd effect.

Sometimes even qualities that speak to the nature of the food, like how addicting it can be. The fast food chains that have pushed their food with quirky commercials and promises of freshness lead us to one monkey who simply can’t get enough French fries.

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