Precious Monkey And His New Baby Brother Will Melt Your Heart


Siblings- brothers and sisters that we are sworn to protect, to love and to care for. It can be hard at times, as the younger ones may not have the best chance of survival or even the inherent desire to survive deep within them.

They may ignore our teachings, they may ignore our wisdom and try to forge their own path to happiness and freedom, yet through it all, we love them regardless of their mistakes.

It’s a part of learning. If we don’t take risks, then how will we grow? It’s important to recognize this, while being as caring as possible. To facilitate a good youth and help our parents get them ready for success and happiness.

When it comes to babies it’s hard to go wrong- almost all animals in their baby forms are adorable, their eyes wide and brains take on qualities of a sponge, absorbing all the things around them and storing for later.

It’s not easy to be a little kid, but it’s harder to be an adult. At least from what I remember. I know that there are certain parts that are rough, but overall to be a child back in the day, in each of our generations, it had its own list of trials and problems we had to face.

When it comes to monkeys, the differences are quite astounding. Like the meeting of two brothers. Meeting face to face for the first time. They study each other with great intensity, their eyes scanning over each other, trying to understand.

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