Real Life Jungle Book!!! Monkey and Boy Are Best Friends And Enjoy Bath Time!!


Creatures are truly amazing things. Different species, but they are so comfortable with our presence, it amazes me at times. Watch the baby monkey and the boy enjoy their bath time. All children and adults need to have a bath daily to keep clean, that goes without saying. But even animals need to get clean once in a while – unless they’re wild, then I don’t know what they get up to.

When it was bath time for the little boy, the baby monkey decided to join him as well. Watch the baby monkey swim around the small bath tub with the boy. It’s clear that he’s enjoying himself as he darts under the boy’s legs under water. I never knew that monkeys could swim, and this unusual pet certainly cleared any doubts I may have had.

Having a monkey for a pet is unusual, but they are also very loyal creatures. As you can see from the video, the monkey is quite tame living with his foster parents.

It seems that he lives in a very animal friendly home as we can also see a dog peering into the bath tub as if wondering what is going on in there without him. I love this video because it shows how deep the bond of friendship is between the boy and the monkey.

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