Lone Dolphin Left In Abandoned Aquarium In Japan


The sad truth is that because of their vibrant personality and their ability to socialize easily, dolphins are highly popular and likely to be found in amusement parks. Many of them are even born in captivity, and that’s the only life they know.

As the footage of Honey and her friends from the park emerged, many people became aware that by visiting these places they actually help the captivation so the number of visitors declined significantly. News of the abandoned animals spread all over the social media an people started posting Twits using the hashtag “Save Honey”.

At the moment, the activists work hard on finding a suitable place for these abandoned creatures. However, their destiny is not yet secured for the decision depends of the marine park and officials are not allowed to enter the place without the owner’s consent. Reportedly, a hotel resort offered the animals a place to live but no decision regarding Honey and her friends has been made.

Below is the footage of the lone dolphin. Share this with your friends to rise awareness about the life of animals at amusement parks.

Источник: weloveanimals.me