Puppies vs Stairs: Puppy Tries Stairs with Help From Cat, Dog Siblings


A puppy starts to learn to walk the stairs at 3 months of age on a short leash and harness. It is necessary to bring to the stairs, put on the left, give the command “Forward!” and to win over. Start learning to be careful not to scare the puppy. If he is afraid to walk down the stairs, you need to slightly tighten it and something interesting. Pulling on the leash with your left hand and holding the right treats for a dog, push him, as if inviting to follow the movement of the hands.

Puppy will try to capture the delicacy and follow you. After overcoming several steps you need to encourage him to go down. Mastering exercise, you first need to drive the puppy next to him (left or behind). Securing skills, you need to climb and descend the stairs with steeper steps, using a collar and leash.

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