Tiny Squirrel Makes Sure To Visit Human Best Friend Every Single Day


Bersh packed her belongings with a heavy heart and left Georgia. However, her boyfriend was still in Florida and promised to look after Grisnelda in Bersh’s stead. Seven months later, when she finally came back, her friend was there waiting for her as if no time had passed.

A heartbreaking tragedy struck Bersh when her pet dog of 16 years, Rosie Pink passed away. She was left with feelings of emptiness and abandon. When she walked to the lake near her apartment complex, she saw Grisnelda on a tree, looking down at her.

“I was bawling with grief and, looking up the tree, I told Grisnelda that Rosie Pink had died and I was very, very sad,” Bersh said. “Then I left and sat by the lake, crying my eyes out. A couple of minutes later, Grisnelda joined me. She wasn’t hungry at all. She just sat in front of me, looking into my eyes, motionless, for a good 15 minutes until her eyes started drooping and I realized she was falling asleep. I thanked her for her company and told her it was OK for her to go to bed. We said goodnight and she went home.”

Grisnelda knew something was wrong, she she came to visit the next day too. But she wasn’t even interested in food, all she wanted to do was sit by Bersh while looking into her eyes with understanding.

The little squirrel could sense that Bersh needed her- after all friends are there to help us in the toughest of times.

“She didn’t have any interest in anything other than being fully present with me,” Bersh said. “I think that she really knew I was hurting and, like any good friend, she was keeping me company to comfort me and show her sympathy. That touched my soul deeply.”

To this day. Bersh and Grisnelda enjoy a deep friendship. Grisnelda has even introduced Bersh to her newly born babies.

So many changes have occurred in their lives, with the exception of one thing. They still mean so much to one another.

“She always runs to greet me with such excitement,” Bersh said. “I am always looking forward to meeting with Grisnelda every day. It’s my special time when my heart feels fully content. I’m so grateful for having such a special friend in my life.”

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